Loso DaVinci was born in Norfolk, VA  to a single mother. Just two years old when his father was sent away to prison, Loso found solace in music. Influenced early by dance hall music (Buju Banton) and rap (Dr. Dre), Loso found his passion in alternative hip-hop music. He played the drums and piano at his local church and developed gospel music for parishioners. The love for melody and poetry made hip-hop and Loso a perfect fit.  In the summer of 2016 Loso Davinci signed on with Jukebox Bully, LLC. He was the first artist signed by the Chicago-based management company. With the help of Jukebox Bully, Loso has become a rising star in the underground hip-hop world.

“I don’t really know what tomorrow brings, but I know what we got here.”

Trapped In Love
Loso DaVinci